This Easter, Bring Eggs to Kids.

Everyone should have access to food. We are determined to reach every preschooler in Masatepe, Nicaragua with one egg every school day. We are raising $3,000 to expand our egg program .

Help us reach our goal of raising $3,000 by April 30th

One egg a day can change a life.

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With over 40,000 people living in Masatepe, Nicaragua, food insecurity is a daily reality, children being the most vulnerable.

There are over 1,000 preschool kids who are at high risk of not getting sufficient protein in their daily diet for their development. 


It's simple. We provide eggs to 3 to 5 year olds who lack needed protein in their diets. 

In partnership with and local schools we ensure ongoing access to sufficient animal protein. Your support expands our established chicken farm to support all the preschool kids of Masatepe.

The impact of one egg

  • Childhood Development

    A child who is chronically hungry does not thrive physically or intellectually and may suffer from serious long-term health issues. Our eggs deliver animal protein necessary for cognitive development in a young brain.

  • Class Attendance

    Food insecurity and hunger can impact a child’s concentration, sleeping patterns, and ability to learn. Children who receive our eggs have marked impact on their class attendance and participation. 

  • Spiritual Formation

    Parents are motivated to put their kids in class because of the meal they receive. Missing class means missing a meal. For our faith based schools, this equates to a higher level of spiritual development.

Get Involved

Our goal is to raise $3,000 to replace our chickens that we raised on the farm from day-one. Join us in ensuring every preschooler in Masatepe has access to one egg a day.

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Who are we? is an organization that empowers communities worldwide to provide preschool children with the necessary protein for development.

At One Collective Nicaragua, we serve alongside local leaders to seek holistic community transformation. We believe that with Jesus and with each other, we can change the future. 

Why eggs?

In the developing world, eggs are the most efficient method to consistently deliver animal protein. This early intervention is laying the foundation to support the physical and mental development of the child. 

Who delivers our eggs?

We have a team of dedicated workers on our farm who follow the egg from the time it is laid to the time it reaches the hands of Masatepe’s preschoolers. They care for the chicken, egg, and child and are the ones hand delivering truck loads of eggs to the preschools around Masatepe.

How do we guarantee the children eat the eggs?

The kids are fed rice and beans everyday through a government sponsored program at school. We supplement this meal with our eggs.

How does your support change lives?

Your support goes directly to sustaining our program to feed kids their daily egg for the school year.